Vastu’s AyurVeda RYT500


During your yoga immersion, you experienced some huge transformations. You received a lot of new information some of which resonated immediately and some you planted away for later. Now, I want to help you take your practice and life to a whole new level. I am going to teach you how to take all the tools, techniques and lessons, and implement them into your daily life. Or perhaps you are implementing them, but now you are experiencing new insights into things learned and not sure how to integrate them. Learn how you can take this knowledge out into your community and assist others with self healing. With this program you take everything you learned in your RYT200 and use it all to dig your well even deeper!

This is a unique opportunity to work one to one with your teachers and get the personal attention and guidance that has been the traditional yogic way for millennia. We will work together to create a program that fits perfectly with your unique inclinations, interests and nature so that you can learn about and fulfill your life’s purpose.

This is how it works. Vastu’s AyurVeda RYT500 is a 6 month program. We will work together as you decide what area of Yoga you want to dive into. Then, over the next 6 months, you will receive: bi-weekly internet sessions, reading and writing assignments, community service projects, video assignments and special bonus materials of interest. This will be very similar to a master’s level educational course where you will gain new understandings and abilities to contribute to the health and wellbeing of yourself and others.

Although not a requirement, you may have opportunities to assist with our YTT200 trainings, participate in an internship, or come for a short stay with us for individual mentoring. This is indeed a unique, one of a kind opportunity. There is nothing that I love more than working one to one with students and helping them reach their higher potential and calling. Because this is a highly individual program, we only accept 5 students at a time. Click below to register for your first initial consult where I am happy to talk with you and answer any additional questions you may have.

The paths are many, but the truth is One.
Here are examples of what Vastu teachers have studied in their RYT500 programs.

Patanjali Sutras for Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Metaphors of Mahabharata Applications for Asana Class

PTSD and Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Kid's Yoga/Little Yogis YTT

Yoga behind bars: A prison project

Yoga in Schools/STEM and Yoga

Yoga and Kabbalah: Is Yoga kosher?

Yoga and the Medicine Wheel Native American and Indian Philosophies

Yoga for Survivors Yoga in Domestic Violence Shelters

What are you waiting for?

This program is only offered to certified Vastu School of Yoga teachers at an extraordinary price of $1999.00 . I loved working with you during your training, and look forward to working together on a much more intimate level. Sign up below for your free initial consultation and let’s get started! See you on the inside!