Vastu’s AyurVeda RYT500

Optional Payment Plan

At Vastu we believe that yoga immersions are for everyone, whether you choose to be a yoga teacher, open a studio of your own, or just want to live a healthier and happier life.   Many of our trainings are offered at discounted prices, convient schedules and workable payment plans.

Incentives are offered for tutions paid in full by the early registration deadline.  There is also an incentive for paying the tuition in full before the training starts.  And, we also offer an easy payment plan over 5 installments.

Here are the details:

Tuition paid in full by January 31st –  $1799.00

Tuition paid by registration deadline – $1999.000

Payment Plan:

  • $500 – Upon registration

  • $500 – March 9th

  • $375 – April 6th

  • $375 – April 20th

  • $375 – May 4th

Because we offer our trainings at a significant discount, there are no refunds available.  If you need to cancel at anytime, you are eligible to apply your tuiton to a future training within 2 years.

We sincerely hope that this helps those who would not otherwise be able to afford this amazing experience.  If you have further questions, just drop us an email or contact us below.


The paths are many, but the truth is One.