What is our "Pay It Forward" Initiative?

We at Vastu Yoga believe that Yoga is for everyone. So, we created a way to offer programs such as our by donation 21-day Yoga teacher training immersions and other community service projects. This initiative depends on you and your donations to work. We rely on you and other individuals to give generously. If you are ready to pay you $500 Registration fee, use the link below. 

Register Here

Reserve Your Spot

There is a registration fee of $500.00 to reserve your spot in the training. This is not part of the tuition nor counted toward your donation. Donations will be accepted during the last week of your training.

Multiple Levels

Starting at the Ganesha level, you will receive a world-quality yoga teacher training. With each level, there are even more rewards, including our life-long learning program, individual mentoring and coaching and an internship on Isla Mujeres.

Flexible Options

If you need or would like to donate a different amount, we can arrange that payment option for you. Please donate generously and help us to continue to offer these quality programs for you and everyone!


  • Complete 21-day Yoga Imersion
  • One of the highest quality yoga teacher trainings in the world
  • Certification at the RYT-200 level with the title of “Yoga Siramani,” Minister of Yoga
  • Lifetime access to experienced yoga teachers and expert mentorship
  • Knowledge, tools and techniques to begin teaching immediately


  • Complete 21-day Yoga Immersion at the RYT-200 level, one of the best in the world
  • You can return and take our training as often as you like
  • Access to private website for Vastu Teachers only (includes updated lessons, live discussions, meditations, videos and more)
  • Community of fellow students to share experiences and learn together


  • Complete 21-day Yoga Immersion at the RYT-200 level
  • You can return and take our training as often as you like, with access to private Vastu Teachers Only website
  • Access to Lorrie’s “Dance Your Fire” program (Six private, 1 – 1 coaching sessions)
  • Two-week internship, with Lal and/or Lorrie on Isla Mujeres, Mexico with lodging included at the Vastu Shala.
From Our Students
Practicing yoga at Vastu really transported me to another world – the great location just a few meters from the sea and the excellent teacher Lal made me feel immersed both physically and spiritually. They have classes everyday so you can be always assisted and enjoy the atmosphere of the island with a deep perspective – I wish I had more time on the island to practice there everyday! Juliana

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I’ve been taking yoga for many years beginning with Richard Hittelman on black and white tv, and this was one of the best experiences ever. While the setting helped, the classes were simple, instructive, and helped facilitate a mental cleansing that was a perfect complement for a vacation. Lorrie and Lal were thoughtful teachers who balanced instruction with humor and insight. Usually I find myself waiting for the class to get over, but not with these. In the “small world” category we discovered that Lorrie is from Athens, Ga. where we take many of our classes and that she and Lal had trained some of our instructors. I hope to have more of these classes in the future. Syd

Georgia, USA

I took 3 classes with Lorrie and Lal at Yoga Life at Na Balam and feel that the experience shifted my life in a new direction. That sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not. I have done a ton of yoga over several decades, and these classes were pinnacle experiences. The classes are classical yoga in the Sivananda style, combining the spiritual with the physical through relaxation, breath work, sun salutations and challenging asanas (poses). There is a magical quality to the reverence with which the pair teach, and I ended up bringing my husband and my daughters (11 and 13) to class as well. All of us were challenged and inspired. We ended up getting to know Lorrie and Lal a bit outside of the studio and am sure we will be in touch with them on a lifelong basis, such was the depth of the connection we made with them. If you are looking for a meaningful, life-enhancing experience, beyond the popular yoga-as-exercise or yoga-as-stretching trends out there, you will be gratified with the Vatsu Yoga classes! Judy

Oregon, USA

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