The Happiness Map

A Unique Coaching and Counseling Program

Hi, my name is Lorrie Conglose.

I am the co-founder and director of Vastu School of Yoga, and creator of “The Happiness MAP”, a program for women of all ages, who are tired of being sick and tired and who want to find  a way out of stress, anxiety and fear. Its a map for women who are ready to take back control of their mind, bodies and spirtis.  “The Happiness MAP, is  based on a revolutionary approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, (which is really… sshh Yoga) The key ingredients are:



of what you are already experiencing  Learning to drop the rope in your tug of war with your anxiety, stress and worry monsters, freeing yourself up for the things in your life that you really care about.



a direction for your life in a mindful manner. This involves identifying what you value most in life and what you want to stand for, and then make conscious choices which are in line with your values.


Taking Action

in the present moment toward realizing your valued life goals. Learn to manifest your reality, by behaving in ways that move you forward in the direction of your chosen values. I won’t ask you to simply face your fears, but rather allow yourself to feel what hurts, while doing what works and is important to you.   In a nutshell, it’s about acceptance and change all at the same time.

The Map

Creating Sacred Space

I am going to share with you some tools to create space in your life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. You will learn how to de-clutter your mind and your closets.  You will learn to prioritize, categorize, store away, and yes, let go of objects, individuals, projects, and ideas, and streamline your life so that you have the space to create the life you desire.  This can be a difficult process and liberating all at once. We won’t rush through the process, but take time to be sure that you are carefully considering how and where you want to spend your life energy.

Getting Clear About Exactly What You Want

After creating space to think and grow, I am going to help you create clarity about what you truly desire for your life. We will dive deep within to rediscover those ideas and dreams that you have either forgotten  or given up on because life got too complicated, or too scary, or someone said it was silly or it was impossible.  You will re-examine your dreams and desires and make new decisions based on what what will bring joy and inspiration into your life.  Nothing is out of the question and nothing is impossible.  You will learn to dream big, gather your tribe and prepare yourself for success.

Being Courageous

Learn to stop comparing your insides with everyone else’s outsides. Whether you are starting your own business, creating an artistic project, remodeling your home or becoming an activist in your community, you will find your own unique language of self expression. We will explore some ways to lean into vulnerability and express yourself authentically.

Your Unique Purpose

The most amazing creations only have value when they are shared with others. Sharing yourself and your gifts are the purpose of life itself.  You will find your own unique language of self expression and discover how and where you can be of the most service to yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

Finding Inspiration

Understanding what you need to stay inspired is paramount. Learning what feeds your fire will keep you motivated and in touch with your life desires. Finding inspiration through art, literature, friends and community can be the key to keeping that connection.

Trusting In Yourself and the Universe

You will learn to trust in your own creative process and step outside your comfort zone. I will guide and support you while you begin to put your intentions into action using the tools and techniques that you have learned.
The life coaching sessions I had with Lorrie were helpful to me in so many ways. I am more confident, at ease in myself, and generally more calm and happy in my day-to-day life experience. Lorrie’s simple but powerful practices helped me in my relationship (and communication) with my husband, and my relationship with myself. Her wisdom and kind advice gave me the confidence in myself and my abilities to pursue my life passions. I highly recommend her as a mentor, coach and teacher. Louise H.

London, U.K.

My experience with Lorrie as my mentor and coach has been amazing. I came to her at a time in my life when I was questioning my own beliefs and struggling to deal with fear and insecurity. Now I am able to stand in my own truth and freedom from the fears I once had, thanks to Lorrie’s thoughtful teachings. She is a true listener and full of patience. She asked me the questions that helped me find my own answers. Spending time with Lorrie was fun and affirming, because she always does her best to uplift and empower other women. Walking beside her has been one of the best parts of my journey so far. I would highly recommend seeking counsel and coaching from this wise woman. Andria T.

Dallas, TX

When Lorrie talked about the possibility of following a private training course, I did not hesitate for a minute. It turned out to be a great and wonderful decision. Through her care, focus, brilliant assignments and sharp and loving questions, I was able to find out a life changing answer! Working with Lorrie made me really see and feel my purpose again. Because of all the very cool assignments she gave me I felt confident to take the big leap of opening a vegan food shop in 2017 with my team. I feel extremely grateful to have met Lorrie and I felt so very safe, loved and seen during the course.Her love, care and devotion don’t reach to the walls of a training program or course, they go beyond and I know that she will always be there, on the sideline to give a pompom cheer to all her daughters. Lisette K.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lorrie is the teacher one desires; a direct and soft demeanor, thorough and enlightening instruction, and vast knowledge and experience. She changed my life this year. She lit the fire inside of me in February and keeps the oil burning with her ongoing mentoring and teaching. She has a gift with taking the complex and abstract and making them understandable, tangible even. She connects the dots so that we can incorporate the practical application of these teachings into our daily lives. Her wisdom and guidance have clicked my heart and mind connection into place. Laura B.

Miami, FL

How we can work together:
You will receive from me 3 whole months of individualized programs designed for your own unique journey. Here is our chance to work together in a way that allows us to do the type of close intimate work that creates real transformations!

6 individual (one to one) coaching sessions:

You will get my individual 100% attention focused on what you need to meet your desired goals. During these sessions, we will go deep, lean in, uncover and discover your core desires, unique language and create a plan to fulfill your desires.

Weekly assignments:

Within each module there are several lessons, each one designed to bring you closer to your own unique life’s purpose. These assignments are meant to be fun as well as highly effective and applicable to your daily life and to help you accomplish your set intentions.

Weekly bonus materials:

Designed specifically for you to provide direction and support. These are videos, books and tools be sure you have all you need to stay focused and connected to your inner fire.

Create your happiness map and begin living life according to your terms and your dreams, now!

I am very excited to offer this coaching program for only $997 ($1,997 value). I love to give all the value I can for each person who signs up for my coaching program. That means you will recieve very special attention and lots of time with me. So, space is very limited. But the sooner you register, the sooner you can claim your spot. Claim my spot